Low tide/high tea….or how to survive an afternoon mental breakdown

If there is one thing that I retained from my European childhood it is an utter addiction to tea.  I drink tea like it’s Alice’s last hurrah in wonderland.  I snob my way through Marriage Freres, good old Twinnings, and various bags of unknown shop’s concoctions.  Yet, there is one place which really stands out for, particularly, fruit teas.  It’s Radiance.


Radiance has not only a fabulous selection of chamomile, hibiscus, and black teas, but also alluring mixes such as Caramel Oasis (a mix of Indian black tea and caramel pieces), Lyche (a mix of Chinese black tea, lychee fruit, and rose), and Tropical Escape (a mix of green, black tea, pineapple , papaya , kiwi , and marigold).

If there is one quick indulgence which relaxes me (almost) as much as baths, magazines, and random travel excursions, it is tea.

Do stop in by radiance and be prepared to be seduced.

Image: http://www.radiancetea.com/about_us.html

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Miette aka Drool until you find some cupcakes


Yesterday, I left the cubicle hell to a home full of love, well as much as a mischievous toddler was willing to offer, and this little gem – Miette cookbook.  Have you seen it?  I mean, have you really skimmed through the pages of this miracle of sweet pastry dough, precious decorations, and scrumptious terminology such as buttercream, chocolate ganache, and pure vanilla scattered throughout its pages?

I am drooling until the temperatures in New York reach a human range safe enough to turn the oven in, and then it’s on my friend!

Images: 1. http://www.multiplydelicious.com/themommy/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/MietteTreats.jpg 2. http://laist.com/attachments/la_elise/miette.jpg 3. http://www.bonappetit.com/blogsandforums/blogs/badaily/miette-cookbook-cover.jpg

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Top 10 “Pleasures” aka Spoil yourself rotten girl

1. Foreign-language fashion magazines – trying to figure out what the heck they mean.

2. Fresh manicure – I mean really, the fresh period only lasts about 5 minutes before you ruin it by leaving the salon too early so enjoy it.

3. Chick films – real chick films, where girls work with each other and not against each other.

4. Baby powder – yes, on your hair, on your skin, that clean and innocent scent of a shower and untroubled youth.

5. Decadent food – especially on days when you allow yourself not to feel guilty about eating it.

6. Cooking shows – actually paying attention to their themes, plots, and possibilities of domestic godliness.

7. Beach, beach, beach – no commentary necessary.

8. Planning a girls’ day/night out/in – God, it’s great to be a girl, isn’t it?

9. New Fall catalogues – back to school for adult fashionistas.

10. Having an Oprah “aha” moment, yes girl, they do happen and you do have them, even if you can’t stand the woman.

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Here we go again …..

Oh she has tried this before, she has attempted to write in a shabby pink diary in pre-teens, she has purchased leather-bound Bible-esque notebooks in her 20s, and she has written a blog or two with an introductory post … and nothing following that.

She has tried to share before, she has tried to open up, she has tried to connect. She wasn’t ready. She wasn’t dedicated. She didn’t want a marriage ceremony with her word. She wanted to date around. She waited by the phone, checked dial tones, she read social media sties to see what others were up to and question why she wasn’t invited.

She has found The One, she has given birth to many projects – greatest of all a little munchkin two years ago. She has opened up the gates.

Come inside, check what she offers.

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