OK my lovies, I did read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.  I am not sure of whether or not I should even call it reading, I essentially devoured it in four days with frequent “mommy bathroom breaks” and late-night iPad dates in bed. 

While wondering about the evolutionary and social implications of a woman who was domineered and occasionally controlled by a man, and while remembering my own years spent with a strong feminist agenda and education for my own daughter, I was utterly taken with the premise of the story.  I yearned for a man who would desire me 24/7, push everything aside to cater to my every need, and protect me in every sense of the word.  Do I have that available to me at the present time?  Sure.  Is it at the intensity which I truly require?  Probably not.

Life interrupts marriages and relationships with worries, everyday responsibilities, and romantic gestures taken for granted, or delayed until “tomorrow” when we are less tired, less stressed out, less occupied.  The deep love and lust are still present but only as small embers rather than deep fires which engulf us in them.

Well, I am not certain of whether I like the small glow of embers.  I have always preferred all-encompassing fires.

Hence, in view of my rediscovered romantic, I give you my interpretation of Miss Anastasia Steele.

1. Intoxicating blend of gardenia and white exotic flowers – innocent and sexy.

2. Cartier Orchidees necklace – demure but also inviting.

3.  Avery Silk Gown – to hug all curves but also flow nonchalantly.