Low tide/high tea….or how to survive an afternoon mental breakdown

If there is one thing that I retained from my European childhood it is an utter addiction to tea.  I drink tea like it’s Alice’s last hurrah in wonderland.  I snob my way through Marriage Freres, good old Twinnings, and various bags of unknown shop’s concoctions.  Yet, there is one place which really stands out for, particularly, fruit teas.  It’s Radiance.


Radiance has not only a fabulous selection of chamomile, hibiscus, and black teas, but also alluring mixes such as Caramel Oasis (a mix of Indian black tea and caramel pieces), Lyche (a mix of Chinese black tea, lychee fruit, and rose), and Tropical Escape (a mix of green, black tea, pineapple , papaya , kiwi , and marigold).

If there is one quick indulgence which relaxes me (almost) as much as baths, magazines, and random travel excursions, it is tea.

Do stop in by radiance and be prepared to be seduced.

Image: http://www.radiancetea.com/about_us.html

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