Top 10 “Pleasures” aka Spoil yourself rotten girl

1. Foreign-language fashion magazines – trying to figure out what the heck they mean.

2. Fresh manicure – I mean really, the fresh period only lasts about 5 minutes before you ruin it by leaving the salon too early so enjoy it.

3. Chick films – real chick films, where girls work with each other and not against each other.

4. Baby powder – yes, on your hair, on your skin, that clean and innocent scent of a shower and untroubled youth.

5. Decadent food – especially on days when you allow yourself not to feel guilty about eating it.

6. Cooking shows – actually paying attention to their themes, plots, and possibilities of domestic godliness.

7. Beach, beach, beach – no commentary necessary.

8. Planning a girls’ day/night out/in – God, it’s great to be a girl, isn’t it?

9. New Fall catalogues – back to school for adult fashionistas.

10. Having an Oprah “aha” moment, yes girl, they do happen and you do have them, even if you can’t stand the woman.

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